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Im subdropping really hard. Last night must have been rougher on me than I thought. Sir told me that at one point my shoes just fell off my feet …I did feel …raw after it and I did fall into that depression. I trust Sir. He’s mine. He wouldn’t hurt me (oh god how do I sound) but sometimes this play is dangerous.


Hehehe this is cute.

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tell me all the things you want to do.

Its quiet today around me and Sir. We did laundry and it was so uneventful. But he fixed my problem drawer.

We’re having a bit of money problems, but things are looking okay. I wish I was making more money. I’m considering the interview at a club but I’ll be honest, I’m a bit scared. 

today Sir and I had more rough sex. He led me around by my hair, and while he was on the phone with someone important he was stroking my hair like a pet. Then, after that, we had sex. Well, not full on sex. I gave him a blowjob and did a bit of deep throating. It was almost painful. But, I like pain. So yeah. He wanted to fuck me but Im like dude I am on my period, so you can’t. Instead we did one of my favorite activities, breath control. Unf. But he squeezed too hard today because, I almost blacked out. 

Work is still slow, making some money, but I need more.

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totally wearing a fall (half wig).


Sasha Grey


Sasha Grey

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